Iskra Ivanova
Joanna Tiele
Atanas Totlyakov
1 - 31 August 2013
description of the project
FREE TICKET is a project, which aims to turn the space of Stara Zagora bus station into a center of contemporary art within the period from 1 to 31 August 2013.

The choice of location is not accidental. Visiting the bus station a convenient space with a large flow of travelers - the project will make art more accessible to people and will create a good environment for the stay of the waiting travelers. The project aims to engage the attention of visitors and make the time of their stay more interesting and comfortable. This will give the chance of travelers to experience contemporary art.

Furthermore, the idea of the project is to create an innovative joint installation in the area of Stara Zagora bus station from works of established and young artists from Bulgaria and Poland. They will present their works as digital prints, installations and video works.

The end result of the creative work in the building of Stara Zagora bus station will help promote the site as an alternative space for cultural practices.


"Self-portrait wandering"

During each journey meet each other two worlds: the physical - felt sensual and mental - our experiences and impressions. Also during the trips, made by our imagination, with free of expense ticket in a hand...


Excess Baggage

With a ticket, we also have luggage. Big or small, it contains information about our destination. If you are traveling with luggage exceeding the limits - weight, size, number, or it's with too much emotional weight, it will be considered as an excess baggage, for which he may have to pay in cash or in life.


Sounds of home

It's personal, sound - visual work relating to the autonomous exploration of your own place in the world. Implementation refers to the theme of an abandoned house, and longing for the places and people. "Sounds of Home" is a visual representation of the recordings collected on handheld recorder for the past few years, which include a more or less abstract sounds (such as landscapes of sound, recordings of certain events and phone calls).

The sounds that were included in this work are a kind of link between the two geographically distant places, but because of the emotional reasons - very close to the author.


Soundscape II. Lodz - Koluszki (travel: 19.09.2012/09.07.2013)

Soundscape (in English) is a sound landscape. In this area there are sound phenomena characteristic for the space and time (the sounds of nature, human and human activities). Number of sound peculiarities presented in this way is considered as a specific type of music. This project is based on a permanent registration, visualization of sounds around me and the journeys leading to the discovery, preservation of unique landscapes of sound. In this case, I use knowledge about acoustics, synaesthesia, synergistic perception. The present work is the result of digital records (audio and video) of traveling by train between Lodz (place of work) and Koluszki (home). The sequence of photographs made during the course of the train (each picture is taken per few seconds that are needed to press the shutter button) keeps the atmosphere of warm September day, amber light of sunset, and finally - resulting distortion on them evoke time, movement, dynamism. Superimposed one on each other and moved images lose details, and their figurativeness and merge into one optical impression. Bounding contour of recorded sound superimposed upon it, gradation of gray corresponding with frequency of sound carries the image in a completely different dimension. Operation outside its acoustic potentiality is a reflection on the issue of human memory, attention, perception in motion, finally, on what left in us from traveling.


We live in a virtual world in which people communicate via the Internet, being separated from each other with thousands of kilometers. Using Google Street View, creating an avatar of me and the animation I want to organize a tour for bulgarian public in my hometown - Gdynia (Poland). I want to set up a free ticket and take the audience on a virtual trip to the city, which is especially important for me.



Installation of Justyna Jakobowska corresponds to the nature of space, which is the bu station. Usually in this type of place is a sign with the name of the city as well as other inscriptions designed to draw our attention, to encourage to buy something, for example, a drink or a meal. A sign with the word "Explore" also encourage. Unlike texts from commercials, it selflessly invites you to a change your attitude on up to open to what is around us. Explore(discover) which means be inquisitive, perceptive, sensitive and brave, not only in travel understood literally, but also in the way of observing the world. Such an attitude cost nothing but taking the decision. It is kind of a free ticket.

The inscription is written in three languages: English, Polish and Bulgarian. Colours that are used refers to what we often see during traveling by train or bus: sky, clouds, black poles, trees, outlines of cities. Installation can be interpreted independently of this text - all associations are equally valid.


Memories map

Traveling is unavoidable and fills a large part of everyday life of everyone. Moving from place to place, we are constantly stimulated by visual and emotional experiences. They are accumulated in our memory, and with the time begin to transform - some become blurred, others partially disappear, while others - become sharpened. Thus, in our minds is formed a kind of map/scheme of memories which determines the importance of the stored fragments.


Each of us had found a forgotten ticket in their pocket. It is a ticket from "that" trip, from the meeting with "X", from "that" great day. No, no! That ticket is from "another" trip, "another" commitment, or...
My work is not for the tickets that we keep for a keepsake, but for those that we accidentally find in a compartment of the wallet. These are not intentionally collected facts, as the deliberately made holiday pictures. Our favorite photos are always carefully arranged in an album, designated for viewing with friends. These are also not tickets, enclosed to the business trip documents, certifying our professional journey. This is the ticket, stored in a subconscious gesture without premeditation. We need to exert out memory to remember where it has come from. This may be difficult. Elapsed time, mechanical damage, or an ink spot had long erased the name of the station. We can only speculate as to where we have traveled.

Check your pockets! If you have old tickets and you should not keep them for a keepsake or for an account... put them back where you found them. Someday you will remember!


1. Channeling the energy

My work is a photography printed on a vinyl, representing a water threshold with the size of 80/500 cm, that pours into a real gutter on the terrace in sector 4 of Stara Zagora bus station, connected to a drain pipe that brings water down to the ground surface.
I use water as a symbol of energy, strength, power, life, and its conducting along the channel order (or its channeling) is a metaphor for what is happening, or rather not happened - of deceived hopes and unfulfilled dreams, of mastered and wasted energy during our transition.
2. Back to the context

I install photography of replica of 1967, of the legendary Fountain of Marcel Duchamp with size of 60/53 cm above the urinals in the lavatory at Stara Zagora bus station, accompanied by text that introduces the users of the facilities with the fact that this is the most influential work of art of the 20th century.
The creator of ready mades takes the finished object out of context by loading it up with other meanings, and we return it conceptually back to the context for educational purposes, relying on the large flow of people, and moreover for free!
Unfortunately, the work is available only for men due to the specifics of the object.


On this occasion and for that place I use the slogan as a means of passing the message. I self-close in color and word of personal value. I work with a brush and paint, submerged in unreality and repeat, moving from left to right and red in red.


A change in cultural expectations can achieve a lot.

One of the things that would change the cultural climate is communication and the carefully elaborated description of the levels at which this could be reached and that are above what we currently support. To some extent most of us remain passive till the very end of their lives without awaking their consciousness to the fact that we can make choices, without realising that a transformation process has begun. Should this description and message we would like to spread along be accepted as legitimate one in our culture, it would mean we have taken our road THE FREE TICKET HAS ALREADY BEEN ISSUED!



Process "check-in" at airports allow passengers to receive boarding pass. In the case of reception facilities "egg" for the passenger. It also gets its "boarding pass" for the trip after "check-in" to the code. Code enables you to travel and be sold on the market. The codes mean:

0 - Organic, 1 - free, 2 - floors 3 - cellular, BG - country of origin, 00 area,000 - registration number of the manufacturer
And what is our code and is free?


Every day we have to cover our true feelings under a thousand different masks. Most of them are ugly, because they are pretentious. Apparently, strong emotions have to be kept away from public everyday life. Finally, when were alone, the process of discarding the masks is difficult and takes time. Sometimes, we are successful at bringing out our true shape, but sometimes the only thing left at the end is resignation.

Iskra Ivanova, Joanna Tiele and Atanas Totlyakov
Iskra Ivanova
Atanas Totlyakov
Trifon Kalfov
Krasimir Karabadjakov
Ilian Lalev
Joanna Tiele
Artur Chrzanowski
Justyna Jakobowska
Dominika Wajberg
Alicja Rynkiewicz
Maciej Zdanowicz
Katarzyna Majsner
Elinor Wyser
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